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Lat: 57.750729, Lon: 24.401966

Annasmuižas bridge

Figure "Oarsman" in folk called "Oskars" were located in crosroad between Jaunupes and Vecsalacas bridge in left side of Salaca. Around the white figure was a fence and greenery. In left side of road, there was a side note to the bridge. 

The bridge over Salaca, 3 km above Salacgrīva - the first iron-concrete bridge in Baltics. It was exposed in 1909, June of 13. From the bridge opens a typical view to Salacas and Latvias the most important salmmon rivers valley - nature reserve. The bridge has a 5 spans. The bridge had a big meaning in traffic development in Salacas region, because in centre of Salacgriva, in that time, was working only a crossing. In 1944, when German army was retreating, they blew up coastal foot stone (ends of the bridge). After the war, they were rebuilt in wooden constructions. Only in 1962, the bulwarks and spans was rebuilt in previous look. In 1960, in centre of Salacgriva was built a new iron-concrete bridge. In nowdays, ancient Annasmuizas bridge is used only for local traffic. 

Thanks to museum of Salacgriva, for information and photos. 

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