Water amusements

If there would be a kingdom of waters, we could easily take the title. Fishing, boating and rafting, going for a ride with motorboats and yacht, these are classic values. But there are a lot of other possibilities. If you want to walk, slide, jump across the water, we have water zorb, waterball, water grasshopper and wakeboard.

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Address:  Krasta iela 40B, Salacgrīva
Phone number: +371 29834992

#1 Wakeboard

Would you like to have a look at the river Salaca from a different angle? Now you have such possibility - in the very centre of Salacgriva, you can have a ride on wakeboard.


#2 With tuber in the river

Have you tried to flow on a river with river tube? That's what I thought, so it is worth a try.

River tubes are intended for paddling on rivers of varying complexity - we know several brilliant routes on the Salaca, Jaunupe and Svētupe rivers. To paddle with a river tube, You must be prepared for an adventure - leave the rest to us!