Walk through Salacgriva County

Salacgriva County is a seaside region with magnificent natural scenery, hiking trails through the forest, along the Salaca River and soothing sea silence. Choose the walking route that suits you and go on an adventure!

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#2 Excursion in Ainaži

Ainaži is a charming seaside town with a long history, which permeates the proximity to the sea, seafaring and the radiance that they bring. Many historic buildings with special stories about each of them. The places where a pub has been, alcohol smugglers have lived and our own Romeo and Juliet story has taken place will be shown to you during a special excursion that will be lead by the local Ambassador of Ainaži city.


#3 Walking to Estonia

Border cities have a special charm. The feeling behind it - knowing that it takes one more step to find yourelfe in a different country.

During the Soviet period, locals from Ainaži crossed the border regularly - they were heading 10 m into Estonia to the shop of Ikla to buy... Sugar! Yes, as it turns out, it was considerably cheaper there! Today, such trip "abroad" can be performed by you, but you do not have to buy sugar - why not replace it with ice cream?


#4 Bird watching

You are able to see and count most of the birds in the Randu meadows - a trail and a bird watching tower is waiting for you!


#5 Tale park of Munchausen

If you are strong enough and inquisitive, a walk in Munchausen`s forest will be perfect for you...