Road of the pottery

Pottery is not the first thing that comes to mind, when thinking about Salacgrīva. But the first impression can be false – if you choose pottery as your main object in Salacgrīva, you can walk long roads and discover new horizons.

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#1 Learn to lathe pots

The ceramic workshop "Enkuri" - home of ceramist Imants Klīdzējs - is a very peculiar place. Being there is like an adventure itself - all around us art of different calibre, form and texture. Absolute calmness in the vicinity, it seems that time stands still and we are charmed by Imant's stories.


#2 The stove of ceramics Naborigama

In 2007 on the left bank of the river Salaca a stove for burning ceramics was built - it is called Naborigama. In the stove it is possible to reach china baking temperature more than 1300 degrees. At the moment it is the only such stove in the Baltic States. Its name Naborigama comes from Japanese and it means  - upward stove, climber stove, describing step-type location of the stove on the hillside.