Places for strolling

Sometimes the only thing that’s needed, is a stroll – a shorter or a longer one, by yourself or in the company of friends. Below you’ll find the directions to follow.

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#1 Walking to Estonia

Border cities have a special charm. The feeling behind it - knowing that it takes one more step to find yourelfe in a different country.

During the Soviet period, locals from Ainaži crossed the border regularly - they were heading 10 m into Estonia to the shop of Ikla to buy... Sugar! Yes, as it turns out, it was considerably cheaper there! Today, such trip "abroad" can be performed by you, but you do not have to buy sugar - why not replace it with ice cream?


#2 Positivus/Kuiviži alley

If you take walk or a bike from Salacgrīva to Kuiviži, it’s worth it to stop and take a look at the Salacgrīva Fishermen’s park where for several years already the loved festival Positivus takes place. If you choose to go further to Kuiviži, go ahead, but if the strong sea wind bites too much, go back in the leeside, where the bikeway will lead you to the recreational complex ‘’Kapteiņu osta’’.


#3 Salaca promenade and the lighthouse

The lighthouse of Salacgrīva is located on the right bank of the river Salaca - it is a quadrangular white tower with a red lantern and it was built in 1925. Today the lighthouse does not operate anymore - following this lighthose, all fishermen have already found their way home and the story has ended happily. The lighthouse was built, because due to the numerous sandbanks the coast between Salacgrīva and Ainaži was considered to be the most dangerous area for sailing in the whole Gulf of Riga.


#4 Three bridges route

When you go on the Three bridges bicycle trip, you’ll get to know and see the sourroundings of Salacgriva town. 


#5 Beginnings of seafaring

Where to look for the beginnings of Latvian seafaring? A great place to starti s Ainaži – a charming little seaside town which in the 19th century was one of the most important sailor and seafaring town in the Baltics. You’ll find the messengers of those times everywhwere.