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Sea trout and salmon fishing licenses on river Salaca ( area "Salaca I") in Salacgriva county are sold out and will be avialable during next season only.

However, please contact our neighbour county for information about salmon fishing in their area of river Salaca, mobile phone: +371 29354164; +371 26446760


The best fishing season on the Salaca river is in April and May when roach, white chub and vimba enter the river from the Gulf of Riga.

Fishing in Salaca river in the territrory of Salacgriva municipality is regulated by the binding rules of municipality (can be found here:

Licences for fishing in Salaca river can be purchased:

  • online;
  • in Salacgriva TIC during its working hours from monday to saturday, 10:00-18:00
When you are heading fishing, you will need a valid fishing card (can be purchased online - and a fishing licence
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#1 Boat routes

Rivers, lakes and the sea are the oldest transportation lines to connect Latvia with closest and furthest countries. When there were no rods on the ground, traveling on wwater was common for merchants and raftsmen. Salacgrīva district always has welcomed those who are friends with water and sailing and gives a chance for sailors to familiarize themselves with the district from water and testing strenght and endurance. 


#2 Red cliffs

We ourselves think that here in Salacgrīva district we have the greatest number of red cliffs – on Salaca river, at the Lībiešu sacred caves on Svētupe river, on the rocky sea seaside of Vidzeme and in the banks of Vitrupe.

You will find the Red cliffs on Salaca river nearby the iron bridge in Mērnieki... 


#3 Boat rent

As soon as the ice disappeared from the rivers and started rising, the chance to be at the sharp feelings not put past hundreds of accommodating despite the risk to get wet in the cold water rushing to the fastest rivers.