Boat routes

Rivers, lakes and the sea are the oldest transportation lines to connect Latvia with closest and furthest countries. When there were no roads on the ground, travelling on water was common for merchants and raftsmen.

Salacgrīva district has always welcomed those who are friends with water and sailing and gives a chance for sailors to familiarize themselves with the district from the side of water  testing strenght and endurance. Here you can sail from east to west and from north to south. The main thing is – for sea sailing choose the right direction so that the wind is at your back, and when you sail in the Salaca, Svētupe or Vitrupe rivers, just pick the right starting and finishing point. Don’t miss your adventure on the waters!

Boating in Vidzeme -

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#1 4h trip down the river

We believe that a boat trip does not always have to be long - here You can manage a million of other things the same day!

Therefore we recommend you to act as follows: a call to one of Salacgrīva boat rental points – with a followed selection of the most appropriate route (would it be a route to be finished in Salacgrīva, Vecsalaca, or, for example, at Red rocks) – and off you go!


#2 Svētupe-Jaunupe-Salaca

Boating masters have named this adventure the "Colorado River of Latvia" - an extreme and unpredictable journey that will be particularly unforgettable early in spring and autumn. Why - you`ll ask - this is the time when we love rain, as it turns these normally small rivers into wild and fast boating journeys.


#3 Vitrupe

One of the small and beautiful rivers in the North Vidzeme.  It is best suited for trips in spring and autumn, when heavy rains and melting snow waters due to the water level of the river rises.  This adventure is great with its Royal closing-after the River in the shade of trees surround a day spent at the end of the journey, but pulled the beautiful Vidzeme seashore.


#4 Tūja – Ainaži with a kayak

We are rich with waters, therefore we offer a more extreme and unusual boat trip – to vanquish the sea waves. To accomplish this task, you’ll need a sea boat and some creativity when choosing the direction of rowing.