Boat rent

Boating can be both peaceful and contemplative and offers recreation in  calm waters, both exciting adventure in the frothy water stream or pal powerful coastal waves. It is a good rest and mostly positive emotions. You can boat  in the same boat or in  larger companies.The boating is possible actually throughout the year, including the winter too, only, of course, you need to prepare accordingly. In any case - the adventures are guaranteed. There is no crowd, "boating traffic" is calm. In addition, each of the rivers are different, - higher inter - shallow, other - more obstacles, but one simply flows through a fantastic places.

We offer to rent a boat to enjoy these emotions and recreation on the water.

Below you can find boat rental points and water routes.

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#1 Boat rental "Bear boats"

Bear boat offers a  kayak and canoes for families in Salaca and other rivers.


#2 Boat rental "Tubers"

Boat and swimming cameras rent.


#3 Boat rental ""

Inflatable boat and fishing equipment rental. 


#4 Boat rental ""

We offer canoe boat rent in the following rivers of Latvia: Salaca, Gauja, Svētupe, Irbe, Mēmele, Pededze, Brasla, Abava


#5 "Čiekurlaivas"

"Čiekurlaivas" offers canoe and kayak boat rental, as well as a rubber raft rental.


#6 Boat rent Rest in Salaca

"Rest in Salaca" practice with boat rental, providing a full service water tourism equipment at one and more days holiday routes through the Salaca and Svētupe. We provide all necessary equipment for the best prices, to make your holidays unforgettable  in the river Salaca and Svētupe.