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Phone number: + 371 26463025

#1 SPA "Kapteiņu osta"

Recreation complex "Kapteiņu osta" professionals know how to put us feel cheerful and get a feeling of comfort and enjoy spa treatments.


#2 Beauty parlour

Woman's beauty is its adornment. We each want to look and feel beautiful.

But how to get and save this beauty? Go to our specialist to get it - be a pleasure! 


#3 Beauty shop

A beautiful person is a healthy person - take the step towards loving yourselfe.


#4 Masseuse Ieva Bitēna

Each and every one of us wants to be beautiful and healthy, to feel and look good. The recipe is simple: after a great massage your eyes will light up and your face will sparkle.


#5 SPA "Liepupes muiža"

We have tried to gather the best experience of the world and combine it with the resources from the countryside of Vidzeme and the knowledge of our ancestors. We have developed our unique SPA treatments that cleanse and rejuvenate your body and spirit, as well as bring peace of mind and harmony for ones soul.