Bathe in the sun on the beach

It doesn’t matter if you want a beach with the company of people for playing frisbee or a quiet beach for a peaceful relaxation, our beaches are spacious and you’ll find what you are looking for.

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#1 Salacgrīvas left coast beach

The beach of Salaca left bank - right here, nearby the town!


#2 Salacgrīvas right coast beach

The beach geology here is more robust than is usual in the sandy dunes of our beaches – the dunes are higher, the flowers that grow there are tougher and the sea bottom is more rocky. The beach itself is perfectly suited for a leisure recreation.


#3 Vitrupe beach

Vitrupes beach offers you a leisurely walk along the sea and a great view, where Vitrupes river flows into the sea. This beach will be great for walks and beautiful vacation with your family.  


#4 Kuivižu beach

If you want a peaceful and smooth walk, then you'll find this on the Kuivizu beach.


#5 Svētciems beach

Here you’ll find peace and quiet, a sandy beach and Svētupe.


#6 Tūja beach

In Tūja beach you’ll find lots of activities, companions for a frisbee game and watching of sunsets. Here you can also lay in the sand only some 30 steps away from a very special garden. The stones here, the same as the owner of the garden, have a special energy – it must be like this from the fresh sea air.


#7 Ainazu beach

Who said that it is not possible to relax and enjoy the  Ainazu beach water?

This is the place to enjoy the sea, the sun and just rest after an exhausting day or walk along the sea.