Atrašanās vieta
Lat: 57.405144, Lon: 24.426384

Summer cafe of Baron Munchausen

There are many legends about Munchausen.

According to one legend, Munchausen has eaten kebabs together with the Turkish Sultan himself.
Who knowa how it was in reality but all these stories have come to present days.
That is why, by summing up what we have heard, we have been able to prepare Munchausen's mysterious delicacy. At this moment already known to everybody- kebab in a box!
It's undersandable that Munchausen also loved to bring to the table all the familiar dishes - soups, roasts, gray peas with bacon.
So to say-every taste has its own dish!
Come, taste and discover your favorite Munchausen's flavor mix in the ''Munchausen's'' box!

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